How to Tenant Proof Your Rentals

One of the first things you begin to realize when you own rentals is that tenants can be rough on your property.  I often joke that they can tear up an anvil!  So how do you protect your property against damages?  Many times you can minimize your chances of damages, or at least make them easier to repair, by using the right materials for your remodels.

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8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Allow Pets!

Sometimes people don’t really understand why you have certain policies or procedures. I recently received this message from a prospective tenant. It was in response to an ad I had placed online for one of my rental houses which stated NO Pets.

“Did you have a pet growing up? If so, think about how it enriched your childhood. I think it’s sad when landlords don’t allow people with kids to have pets. If you require a sizable deposit, any pet damage shouldn’t be a problem. Have a heart!”

Here was my response to her message:

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